Vape Pen Tastes Burnt? Here’s How to Prevent it from Happening

Vape Pen Tastes Burnt

People may experience a burnt taste from their vape regardless of how experienced they are at vaping. People cough because the burnt vapor cloud sometimes scratches the back of the throat, irritating the throat resulting in an unpleasant sensation. This has been reported by many individuals. The burnt hit can occur with almost any type of vape, ranging from disposable to other types. The burnt taste can ruin ones day and can even cause one to steer away from vaping. However, this can be avoided entirely.

The vape usually tastes burnt because there is less liquid on the wick inside the atomizer coil. The wick is part of the device that soaks up the e-liquid, which is then transformed to vapor when the coil heats up. The unpleasant taste occurs when the coil starts burning the wick because there is liquid to vaporize. There are several causes of burnt hits, and we shall see some of them in this article.

  1. Chain Vaping

The most common cause of burnt hits is chain vaping. This usually affects new vapers. The wick usually doesn’t have enough time to soak up the e-liquid when taking many puffs in a row, which causes the wick to dry out and burn. The general advice is that when you start noticing the tank overheating or when upon inhalation you feel a slightly burnt taste, you are required to put your vape down for some time. The wick gets time to absorb more liquid by putting the vape down, which prevents burnt hits.

  1. Incorrect Priming of Coils

Incorrect priming of coils has also been a reason for burnt taste. Most individuals do take time to properly prime their coil heads before filing the tank, especially when vaping on a new coil. The wick should be soaked directly before one can commence vaping on it to ensure maximum saturation. This is what is meant by priming. The wick is less porous as it is made up of dry cotton wool, which is compacted tightly. Failure to correctly prime leads to high chances of ending up with a burnt taste.

  1. High Power Vaping

High volt power vaping has also been described as one of the reasons for burnt hits. Most people usually vape at a wattage that is too high for the coil heads. The coil head has a wattage recommended for vapers, but most of them don’t consider this. When you vape at a wattage that is too high for the coil head, the oil tends to vaporize too quickly. When the oil vaporizes too fast, there is less time for the wick to saturate to the maximum. The result of this is that the coil eventually burns the wick. The burning of the wick will result in an unpleasant burnt taste. It also goes in tandem with vaping with high voltage e-liquids. The vaping devices are different, and people are advised to check on the devices’ voltage requirements.

  1. Vape Oil/Juice Running Low

In addition to high power, vaping running low on vape oil/juice has also been shown to be a cause of burnt hits. It is recommended that the oil should always be topped up. Low levels of vape oil or juice in the device will result in inadequate saturation of the wick. The e-liquid is essential in the wick’s saturation. Since the wick is made up of dry cotton wool, which is tightly compacted, it is less porous. The e-liquid should always be topped up to ensure that the wick is wet enough. Low levels of vape oil/juice will lead to burnt hits. The oil or e-liquid should cover the input holes around the sides of the coil head. It is always recommended that the vape juice levels should never be less than a quarter full.


In conclusion, the burnt taste can be prevented when vaping. This can be done by priming the coils, which is an essential part of vaping preparation, and it is easy to do. Also, the refillable kits should be primed. It entails filling the device with the chosen e-liquid, allowing it to saturate with the oil/juice for several minutes, and inhaling few times without the battery activated to help the liquid flow. It also recommends that vapers keep to the advised voltage power when vaping to prevent damaging of the coil. Lastly, individuals are advised to alter their vaping techniques. It entails taking slower and longer hits at intervals of fifteen to twenty seconds between puffs. It will prevent burnt hits. It has been noted that most people treat their vape pens like cigarettes, taking frequent short puffs. It contributes to burnt hits. Avoiding it will reduce burnt taste.

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