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Our THC or CBD Cannabis Vape Pens & Refill Cartridges are convenient, smooth, discreet, portable and flavourful. We only use the highest quality concentrates and the very best THC oils, distillate, and terpenes available that do not contain harmful fillers such as MCT oil PG, VG, and Vitamin E acetate. Hardware is made from the purest metals that are regularly tested for quality assurance. LiT is the best way to stay medicate or get lit!
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LiT Vape Pen Kit
LiT Vape Pen Kit ELiTe Series
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Large Selection of THC & CBD Weed Vape Pen Kits (Reusable or Disposable), Cannabis Refill Vape Cartridges, THC Juul Pods, THC E-Juices, Edibles, CBD, CBD Tinctures, Concentrates, and more.

Unparallel Selection - We offer the largest selection of marijuana vape pens and have something for everyone! Whether you prefer a pure cannabis strain taste (Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, or CBD), or want something with a fruit flavour, we got you covered.

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