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Best Weed Vape Pen Strains for Beginners in 2022

Vaping is a discreet, convenient, healthier, and easier way of consuming cannabis. The onset of effects is almost instant, and it allows the consumer to control the dosage. The experience one gets when they try something new determines whether they will try again or quit entirely. With cannabis, not every strain is meant for everyone. […]

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Vape Pen Battery Safety Tips

Like most devices, a vape pen needs to be taken care of constantly to provide efficient service and prolong its lifespan. There have been incidences where vape pen batteries have stopped working, which has raised questions about what might be the cause. When a battery is taken care of and stored properly, such incidents are […]

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Differences Between Sublinguals and Vapes

Vapes and sublinguals are two of the most utilized ways of consuming cannabis. They both offer a quicker way to get THC or CBD into the ECS compared to edibles. Seeing as many people want to know the most effective way to consume cannabis, this piece looks into the differences between sublinguals and vapes. It […]

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4 Questions on Vaping Cannabis Oil Answered

Vaping has, over the last decade, become the new trend for consuming cannabis. What makes it so popular? This method offers an easier way to inhale cannabis, and the onset of effects is almost instant. While millions of people are already part of the trend, many others have some burning questions about the devices, how […]

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LiT New Lower Pricing

LiT’s New LOWER Pricing! Save up to 20% Off!

We would like to announce permanent lower pricing on some of our most popular products! Save up to 20% on select items starting today! LiT Vape THC Refill Cartridges (500mg): $49 $39 LiT Vape THC Refill Cartridges (1000mg): $69 $59 LiT Reusable Vape Pen Kits (500mg): $65 $55 LiT Reusable Vape Pen Kits (1000mg): $89 $75 LiT Weed Vape Pen Battery & Charger: $30 $20 Here at LiT, we are always looking […]

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What Cannabis Oil Flavors are Available at Lit Vape Pens?

Lit Vape Pens is an online cannabis store with one goal in mind: to get Canadians lit up in the cleanest way possible. We offer our clients top-notch products that provide long-lasting effects at very competitive prices. Our cannabis oil is extracted using the CO2 method to ensure it comes out in its purest form. […]

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What are CBD Vape Pens?

CBD vape pens refer to small devices that resemble pens. They are used to heat CBD to produce vapor that is inhaled, producing instant effects of relief and relaxation. CBD vape pens are exactly like regular vape pens, only that they contain CBD oil in the tank. They are made up of a cartridge/tank, a […]

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Top 5 Cannabis Vape Pens for Your Next Party or Social Event

Are you planning on attending a party or a social event somewhere? Or maybe you are hosting some friends and colleagues, and you want it to be a fun, memorable experience. Well, some cannabis vape pens are guaranteed to lift your moods and energy levels, keep you hyped up, and make you the life of […]

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Best Vaping Music Playlist

Every vaping session needs some good tunes to enhance the experience. With the right lyrics, beats, and voice, a song can convert a regular vaping experience to a memorable, fun one. Finding something that synchs with your mood as you vape can be a challenge, and that’s why we have decided to make things easier […]

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Top 5 Benefits of Cannabis Vaping

Cannabis vaping is the process of creating cannabis vapors by heating THC vape oil. The cannabis vape pen takes a concentrated blend of THC oils and allows you to create THC vapors in the palm of your hand! Vape pens also produce fewer carcinogens for your lungs, cleaner smoke that doesn’t smell, and are quite […]

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