Effective Ways to Protect Your Vape Pen Cartridges

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Vape Pens and Refill Cartridges can be delicate. They should be handled with a lot of care, just like your phone. If you have any reason to believe that your cartridge is compromised in any way, you must not use it. Because of this, we have to look at some factors to consider. This article lists 10 effective ways to protect your vape pen cartridges from breaking or leaking.

  1. Position in which you keep it
    The right way to keep your cartridge is to put it in an upright position rather than on its sides. It will avoid leakage. For example, an ink pen when placed wrongly may leak leading to damage. When placed upside down, the ink inside the pen will rise. When placed in the upright position, it won’t leak. Hence, it is important to understand the best way to store your vape cartridge.
  2. Avoid exposure to the air
    These devices are usually stored in containers. The user is advised to put it back in the container after usage. Air, when in contact with the cannabis oil, causes it to sometimes malfunction. Attempt to return the device in its initial box to increase its longevity.
  3. Use a rubber band with high thickness to tie around the cartridge
    It might not be the perfect way to protect, but to some point, it has some benefits. Now, this rubber band prevents the impact that may be caused by force applied to them as when it falls or when accidentally bumped. This impact causes the breaking of your device. So it is necessary to bind your device with a rubber band. Let’s emphasize this by looking at your phone. To avoid breaking the screen, you apply a screen protector.
  4. Buy a vape battery with a magnetic coating
    The device is designed such that the cartridge goes inside the device rather than on top. So, if it is housed inside, then it is protected. Although it is much compact, it still has some benefits. Besides, batteries used in vape cartridges should be kept away from extreme temperatures and also maintained at reduced voltage. If your battery is compromised, then avoid it because it may overheat, igniting the cannabis oil.
  5. Get a casing for your vape
    A casing can be a drawer or a box for storing your vape pen after use. When designing the casing, you should be careful about the long survival of your device. You must keep it out of reach of youngsters to protect them from ingesting cannabis into their bodies. Also, avoid carrying your device in your pocket. If in case you fall, the device may break or start to leak.
  6. Avoid exposing it to direct sunlight
    When protecting the device from damage, you have to keep it away from direct sunlight. These direct rays from the sun will tend to vaporize the cannabis oil, thus degrading it.
  7. Avoid high temperatures
    The best temperature for vape cartridges is 70 degrees Fahrenheit, which is approximately room temperature. When you expose the vape cartridge to high temperatures, the cannabis oil in the cartridge tends to darken or discolour. In response, it loses its flavour. In some cases, the cartridges may leak when temperatures go to the extreme.
  8. Disconnect the cartridge from the vape pen
    Anytime the cartridge is not in use, unscrew the cartridge from the pen. The reason is to protect the oil from needless heating and limitation as well as splitting.
  9. Light your cartridge
    The cannabis oil is too thick. Therefore, it has to be light up. So, you can light up around the cartridge for a few seconds. You have to be careful enough not to melt up the cartridge. The best is to dip it into hot water.
  10. Make sure it is always clean
    Just like other electronic devices and equipment, they have to be kept clean to expand their lifespan. The path connecting the pen and the cartridge should not have any barrier like rust or dust. This can only be avoided by keeping it clean. Now how do you clean your pen? You clean it using a cotton bud dipped in alcohol to wipe it tidy. It will get rid of any germs or deposits on the mouthpiece.

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