What Cannabis Oil Flavors are Available at Lit Vape Pens?

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Lit Vape Pens is an online cannabis store with one goal in mind: to get Canadians lit up in the cleanest way possible. We offer our clients top-notch products that provide long-lasting effects at very competitive prices. Our cannabis oil is extracted using the CO2 method to ensure it comes out in its purest form. It is then blended with beneficial botanical terpenes in reasonable quantities to ensure the strain’s actual effects aren’t tampered with. 

Purity is assured when you work with us. The cannabis oil contains no harmful fillers or ingredients such as MCT oil, VG, PEG, coconut oil, PG, or Vitamin E acetate. Why? Because our products target our consumer’s mind and body and only pure products will do a perfect job. Canada has some of the finest weed (buds) in the world, and our vape pens convert that bud into a safer, discreet, fast-acting, and convenient product that is a vape pen.

The vaping hardware is made using the best material and is lead-free. The products are regularly tested to ensure quality is adhered to with each batch. Our top priority is our clients, so we work tirelessly to ensure the quality, reliability, and affordability gap is bridged completely. We have handpicked a variety of cannabis strains with varying flavor profiles to suit the needs of every individual.

Below is a list of our top vape pen flavors:


Why choose Lit Vape Pens?

1. Top-quality, Pure Products

As mentioned, Lit Vape Pens never compromises on quality. With us, you are assured of products that add to your health rather than destroying it.


2. Reliability

We are your reliable partner in everything vape-related. You can always count on us to stock your favorite flavors, provide top-notch products, and for fast delivery services. 


3. Affordability

Lit Vape Pens has built solid professional relationships with a myriad of suppliers to ensure we source materials at the most affordable rates. In turn, our clients enjoy the best prices on all our products.


4. Fast, Effective, and Discreet Delivery

After completing your order and payment, we offer instant shipping. Orders are delivered across Canada within 1 to 3 days. 


6. Professional Customer Care

Our entire team works tirelessly to ensure our clients are satisfied with the service provided. Enjoy seamless browsing on our site, standby customer representatives to answer any queries or help in any other way, and an excellent overall experience. 


7. Free Shipping on Orders Above $99 and Countless Deals and Special Sales

Many things set us apart from our competition, one of them being free shipping for as low as $99. Any order that goes past this amount gets free shipping and delivery across Canada. We also have countless deals and offers that help our clients save on some cash. 


Buying Vape Pens in Canada

Are you looking for a safe, discreet, affordable, and effective way to consume cannabis? Try vape pens from Lit Vape Pens. We have the most comprehensive collection of products in Canada. There are numerous flavors to choose from, depending on your preference. Try us today, and we guarantee there will be no going back. Register will us and enjoy impeccable services at no extra cost.