Top 5 Cannabis Vape Pens for Your Next Party or Social Event

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Are you planning on attending a party or a social event somewhere? Or maybe you are hosting some friends and colleagues, and you want it to be a fun, memorable experience. Well, some cannabis vape pens are guaranteed to lift your moods and energy levels, keep you hyped up, and make you the life of the party. Below are five vape pen strains that will shed social anxiety and take your socializing efforts to the next level.

Durban Poison – Sativa

This African landrace strain will leave you feeling giddy and more welcoming. Its energy-boosting and creativity-sparking ability will make you the center of focus. The effects last long and are moderately intense. When vaped, the Durban Poison emits a sweet and earthy scent with some piney undertones.


Pineapple Express – Hybrid

This hybrid is a revered strain associated with effects like a sudden boost in creativity, calmness, focus, and awareness. During the party, you will feel more relaxed while remaining open to conversations and new connections. The citrus, piney, and cedar flavor coupled with pineapple hints excite the palate, leaving you wanting more and more of this Pineapple Express strain. 


Sweet Melon THC – Sativa

As its name suggests, this is a sweet strain that is easy to overconsume due to its unique and insatiable flavor. However, we do advise moderation since a high dosage could cause undesired effects. The Sweet Melon is an excellent daytime strain that couples up as a great social vape option. Enjoy a boost in energy levels and moods as you vape this melon and honey-flavored treat with hints of vanilla.


Green Crack Vape Pen – Hybrid

Named by celebrity rapper and weed enthusiast Snoop Dogg, this strain offers a buzzing cerebral high that is uplifting. Expect elevated energy levels to push you throughout the day. Green Crack will help you loosen up and become more open to new interactions during the next social event. The fruity and tangy flavor of this strain is a welcome bonus.


Jack Herer – Sativa

This Sativa-dominant strain was created over 30 years ago. Over time, Jack Herer has become one of the top strains weed enthusiasts seek when looking for a long-lasting cerebral buzz. Its uplifting and happiness-inducing properties will keep you active and ready to have a good time. The flavor can be described as citrus, piney, and earthy with hints of spice.

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