Differences Between Sublinguals and Vapes

Vapes and sublinguals are two of the most utilized ways of consuming cannabis. They both offer a quicker way to get THC or CBD into the ECS compared to edibles. Seeing as many people want to know the most effective way to consume cannabis, this piece looks into the differences between sublinguals and vapes. It analyses the different aspects and the pros and cons of each method. Let’s begin…

sublinguals vs vapes


Method of Ingestion

Vapes: vaping involves a vape pen, which is a gadget that is powered by batteries. CBD or THC oil is heated by the device to produce vapor that is inhaled. The vapor goes directly to the lung and is quickly absorbed into the blood, bringing instant effects. 

Sublinguals: this may refer to tinctures, pills, sprays, or strips placed under the tongue. The mucus cavity absorbs the THC/CBD, and the cannabinoids directly enter the bloodstream. 



Onset of Effects

Vaping delivers instant effects within 2-10 minutes of inhaling. This is because the vaped cannabinoids go directly to the lungs, where they are instantly absorbed into the bloodstream. 

THC/CBD tinctures, strips, pills, and sprays are first absorbed by the capillaries found under the tongue. It may take 15-30minues before one can feel the effects. 

sublingual 2



Among the numerous forms of consuming cannabis, vaping has the highest bioavailability. This refers to the amount of CBD or THC that reaches the bloodstream and, consequently, the endocannabinoid system after consumption. 55% to 57% of CBD/THC consumed via vaping makes it to the bloodstream. 

Sublinguals also have an impressive bioavailability of 25% to 35%. This may be better compared to edibles (4% to 20%), but it’s still low. 


Duration of Effects

Vaping offers a high that peaks within the first three hours after consumption and lasts for up to 8 hours depending on the strain’s potency and amount ingested. This is an excellent choice for anyone seeking long-term relief from conditions like stress, depression, chronic pain, etc. Recreational users would love vaping since they won’t have to re-consume the THC now and then. 

Sublinguals offer short, mild effects that last between two to three hours. Consequently, this method of consumption is best suited for individuals who do not want to experience the effects of CBD or THC the whole day. For example, when one wants to combat panic attacks, sublinguals will do their magic, and the effects will subside within a short period. 



Vaping is more convenient compared to other forms of consuming cannabis. The vaping gadgets can be easily concealed and are small enough to be carried around without drawing attention. The lack of smoke or strong scents promises discretion. 


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