5 Tips to Make Your Vape Pen Battery Last Longer

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Technology has taken the world to a full next level. To be precise, inventions have always been on the rise with the daily discovery of new devices. Almost all the devices used by humans use batteries, which are either rechargeable or non-reachable. A good example of the batteries is the vape pen batteries. It is important to note that even when the device is not in use, the battery still drains to keep the device’s signal stability. Understating this take affirms the need for an individual to formulate ways and methods of making sure the battery life is high. This article explains the 5 tips to improve the battery life of reusable vape pens.


1. Turn off your device when you’re not using it

It has been a challenge to many questioning the possible cause for batteries not serving as expected. Following this take, researchers have found five critical ways of improving the life span of a battery. The first is turning off the device when it is not in use. This method is considered to be the best strategy among all of the known ones. Shutting down the device means that chance of having background software running is turned to zero. It is important to note that even when the device is not in use, something is running in the background.

You can turn off your LiT reusable vape pen by pressing the button 5 times until the button flashes. You can turn it back on by pressing the button 5 times until it flashes again.


2. Use your batteries regularly

The second strategy is using the battery regularly. Many suggest that not using a vape pen’s battery decreases the battery’s life. Turning it off for long time saves battery power causing cell harm. To expand, it is said that using the battery helps in improving its performance for a long time. Although the statement says the battery will lose power, it is critical to note that losing power is not fast to be noticed but can cause big harm to a sitting battery. Hence, try using your vape device daily. It could be even for a small period, but this keeps your vape pen battery in the right momentum to work efficiently for a long time.


3. Avoid overcharging your batteries

There is a common mistake made by users. Ignorance of the stated time for charging a battery is very critical. It is so ill-fate that most users do not consider this fact. Overcharging, in most cases, take place when the user leaves the device charging for more time than recommended. For instance, early risers usually put their vape batteries on charging for the whole night. Charging overnight is not preferred. Rather, it is a strong drive to terminate battery life capacity. When the device is charged to 100%, any additional charging may causes damage to the battery cell. This affects the strength and capacity to retain charging for a long time. Hence, make it your habit to place your battery for charge when it reaches 20 percent and remove it from charging when it crosses 95 %.


4. Store your batteries fully charged

Storing fully charged batteries is also very effective in improving the life span of a vape pen battery. Keeping a battery when partially charged means it would drain back slowly when not in use. When a battery is stored in a partially charged state, this causes a strain in the next charge time to full capacity. The whole process means that the lifespan of the battery gets down. This is a common problem faced by many vape users. Also, placing your vape batteries in high-temperature environments such as under direct sunlight damages them.


5. Keep your batteries clean

The fifth strategy that can help improve a vape’s battery life is by keeping the battery clean at all times. Frequent position changes can result in darting the battery. Clean the connection point to ensure there are no dust or residue. Buy Vape pens that have maximum removable parts as this will make cleaning easier. Cleaning your vape pens regularly will ensure a good vaping experience. In general, keeping the battery clean assures an improvement in the life span of the Vape battery.


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