5 Reasons Why Vaping is Better Than Smoking or Ingesting Cannabis

smoke weed or vape weed

Choosing the suitable form to take your cannabis can be quite challenging. We all have different physiological, physical, and emotional needs that determine which method is best suited to work. Here at Lit Vape Pens, we make the work easier for you by highlighting the top five benefits of vaping cannabis.


1. Higher Bioavailability

The bioavailability of a substance is measured by the percentage that makes it to the bloodstream after consumption. The forms of cannabis with the highest bioavailability deliver more cannabis into the user’s system compared to those with a lower bioavailability.

For example, cannabis edibles like cookies, chocolates, hot and cold beverages, and cakes have a 4% to 20% bioavailability rate. This means that in the best-case scenario, only a fifth of what is ingested makes it to the bloodstream.

When smoking cannabis, only 25% to 27% of the compounds make it to the bloodstream. This is better compared to edibles but still on the lower side.

Compared to the above methods of consuming cannabis, vaping has the highest bioavailability that soars to an impressive 56%. Ultimately, you get to achieve your desired results faster while using a smaller amount of cannabis oil.


2. Convenient, Discreet, and Portable

For anyone who values their privacy, vaping remains the most discreet method of consuming cannabis. It contains a subtle odor and can easily be carried around in a bag or a pocket without being noticed.

Vaping devices can be easily bought in online stores across Canada and comes ready to consume. All you have to do is turn the device on and enjoy the health or recreational benefits of cannabis (depending on your preference).

You can keep your vape pen conveniently in your office and use it anytime you need to boost your daily dose of medicinal cannabis.

3. Better for Lungs – Less Smoke

Smoking cannabis emits a substantial amount of smoke, which is detrimental to your throat and lungs’ health. Vaping allows users to enjoy inhaling cannabis without excessive smoke.

Additionally, you can easily vape within your residence without having to worry about the smell of smoke on their furnishings.

4. No Wastage, hence Save Money.

While smoking, a significant amount of the bud goes to waste as it goes up in flames. This wastage requires the user to smoke more to achieve their desired effects. Ultimately, more money is spent on purchasing more buds, and over time, it becomes quite an expensive way to reap the benefits offered by the cannabis plant.

Vaping utilizes almost all the cannabis oil in the vape pens. There is a minimum chance of wastage or spillage. In the end, vaping becomes the best method, especially for someone who requires to consume a specific dose of THC, CBD, or both.

5. Flexibility

Vaping is undeniably one of the best and fun ways to enjoy cannabis consumption. As a user, you get to enjoy a myriad of flavors, including sweet fruity flavours. You can flexibly try out different cannabinoids in varying potency levels.


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