Vaping and Adventure: 3 Tips to Make Your Traveling Escapades Unforgettable

Are you the kind of person who likes vaping? Are you planning to travel but not sure whether you should carry your vape pen? Will your vaping devices be allowed in the airport? You are in the right place.

In this article, you will learn everything about vaping and traveling. Luckily, we will provide you with three easy-to-follow tips to make your traveling escapades unforgettable!

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What is Vaping?

Vaping is when you inhale the vapor produced when an electronic device such as vape pens or e-cigarettes heats a liquid-like oil.

Vaping is different from smoking. While smoking completely burns the substance to generate smoke that the user inhales, vaping aerosolizes the liquid-producing vapor. For this reason, vaping causes less harm compared to smoking. Vaping is the safest, easiest, and most convenient way of getting weed on your system within minutes. 


3 Tips To Make Your Traveling Escapades Unforgettable

If you are fond of vaping, chances are you don’t want to leave your vaping device behind while traveling. Let’s be honest, vaping while traveling can give you the ultimate experience that you will never forget. 

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1. Do your own research

If you plan to travel by plane, you want to make sure vaping is not banned at the airport. Also, find out whether vaping devices are prohibited in checked baggage. If yes, whether they are to be transported in the carry-on luggage. In addition, establish whether the airline you will be traveling to allows or prohibit vaping while on board.

Various countries may have rules regarding the use of vaping devices. You need to determine whether the country you are visiting allows vaping or not. Remember, some countries regard vaping as the same as smoking and have designated areas for smoking.

Researching before traveling can help you avoid incurring extra expenses in the form of fines and also avoid being jailed for carrying vaping devices or vaping while traveling.


2. Pack your vaping devices properly

When packing the vaping supplies and gears, ensure you load properly to protect your other belongings from vape spills. For example, make sure the vape supplies are dry.

One of the ways to pack your vaping supplies and gear is to use waterproof pouches. This will offer protection while traveling and when visiting the beach or damp locations.

Ensure you take precautions while packing your vaping supplies. For example, ensure your device is fully charged because you may not be allowed to charge your device while onboard. Also, turn off the device, and disconnect batteries while traveling.


3. Carry enough refill cartridges

Before traveling, ensure you purchase enough refill cartridges to last you the entire period you will be away.

Remember, you are fond of vaping and don’t want to miss your experience because you ran out of your favorite cannabis oil variety. Some countries prohibit selling vaping liquids or maybe selling them at an extremely high cost that may eat into your budget.


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