How to Unclog your Cannabis Vape Pen?

This cannabis vaping cleaning guide will take you through a few options that will assist you in unblocking your vape cartridges. This is your chance to vape easily without much effort and overworking for your tools and lungs.

Vaping is enjoyable. However, it can be problematic to try to breathe in through your cannabis cartridge correctly. This strangeness forbids you from delighting in a session with your buddies. Thankfully, there are methods to repair blocked pens, and here are a few options for you.

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1. Heat can eliminate the issue and remove the oils from your cartridges.

The cannabis vaping pen is filled with oils that can jam your cartridge. You might have put in excessive concentrate or weren’t keen on completing your time smoking.

You can unblock the vape pen by using lower levels of heat or trigger the preheating or warm-up features (if available on your device) to get rid of the excess cannabis oils. Notwithstanding, you might need to ensure that absolutely nothing is on the heating coils, prior to heating. Otherwise, you might wind up harming your vape pen.

You likewise need to bear in mind that oils normally have a greater viscosity throughout cold days and when you keep your vaping tools in cold locations. However, these concerns can be looked after quickly with heat or leaving your pen in a warm place.


2. Change Your Cartridge

Numerous vape sessions can impact your cartridge’s efficiency, which can cause obstructing or inadequately warmed concentrate. These types of problems tend to take place when you don’t care for your vape pen, like state you tend to leave it visible or aren’t cleaning it effectively.

You might need to get a new vape cartridge to get your pen working once again. You can select from our broad choice through our e-rig and vape pens. This could be the best solution to a blocked or charred out cartridge.


3. Unblock the Cartridge By Hand

You might see something besides oil that is obstructing your cannabis vaping pen, like paper or pocket scraps. You can eliminate them quickly with a wooden pick or metal pin. However, beware not to puncture the cartridge and parts of the pen too hard. Keep in mind to keep a strong grip on your tool since it might likewise fall under the cartridge.

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When you have a blocked or clogged pen, there are numerous services to repair it. You simply require to follow our advised pointers to unblock your cartridge and keep your vape sessions going.


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